Custom Artwork, Design & Consultancy

Whether it is adding pops of colour to a blank wall, or installing a hand-painted panel with a touch of whimsy, here the ideas to create artscapes are manifold. Their vivid range includes digital prints, wall-art sculpting, murals and commissioned paintings, all of which are open to customisation.

The Customised Piece

The design of every piece at Peacock Life by Shabnam Gupta fuses Indian aspects with its individualistic recycled character, either through material or colour or by giving new life to defunct objects making them statement pieces. And beautifully handcrafted furniture and decor pieces also go through a process of designing and creation that lend them a unique appeal, making them are also open to customization for your beautiful abode. Few of them are mentioned below.

Rochester Chesterfield Sofa

Solid, sturdy with a tufted back, this piece is a testament to the timeless beauty of the classic design style.

Drum Side Table

This thoughtfully designed high side table, doubles up as an accent table for your living room. It is made of wood with a veneer finish, and comes with a metal tubular base that lends an industrial appeal to its appearance.

Pencil Chair

Inspired by the shape of the pencil tip, the well-designed legs of this solid wood chair are bound to steal the thunder of a space.

Batman Armchair

A wingback chair with the clever addition of a puncture on the arms that differentiates it from other wing chairs, and makes for an eclectic statement.

Tubular Coffee Table

A centre table that combines industrial chic and conventional design philosophy in style, with the use of veneer and metal.

Please get in touch with us and let us know how we can customise them for your homes, as at Peacock Life, Shabnam Gupta and her team always craft compelling brand narratives with quality design that not only transforms spaces but also redefines styles and lives.

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